Orange - a change in my opinion

I'm sure many people remember the price increase that Orange put on all contracts last yea and the furore that ensued. I was miffed to say the least, but since then we've seen increases other providers too so now it seems to be the norm. A phone call just now has changed my view though so I thought i'd share/
A couple of months ago I added BTOpenzone wifi to my monthly Orange package.
I'm on an 18 month 300 mins, unlimited texts, 500Mb data for £31 p/m minus a £5 loyalty discount (and an HTC Sensation of course). So an extra 2 quid was hardly going to break the bank whilst giving me some more data to play with. However Openzone hotspots are few and far between where I work so I just called customer services to remove it (bizarrely you can't remove the bundle the same way that you can add it online). Chatting to the operator he offered me, for the same monthly £26, 400 minutes, unlimited texts, 750Mb of data (at this point he got my interest) and free BTOpenzone access. So I succeeded in reducing my monthly bill, got to keep the Openzone access and got 250Mb more data, same end date no other costs etc. The extra 100 minutes don't bother me as I rarely go near a 100 minutes a month anyway. What a turnaround from their bill increase from last year. Damage limitation perhaps? What with the Tmobile network being available too it would appear that everything everywhere is more appealing than it ever was.

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