Orange launches Rio II budget QWERTY

Orange launches Rio II budget QWERTY“The party is back in town,” or so Orange reckons, with the launch of the successor to its BlackBerry-style Orange Rio. Rather predictably, it’s called the Orange Rio II. What else?

The original ZTE-manufactured Orange Rio was a budget candybar QWERTY effort. The new Orange Rio II is much the same idea, but - spec-wise - bigger and better.

The Orange Rio II stretches its predecessor’s touchscreen from 2.5in to 3in, however it retains the same 320x240 resolution. The camera is a tad better too; now 3MP instead of 2MP.

It also has an mp3 player, FM radio, Orange Widgets and Orange Messenger, and comes in black and white.

You can grab the Orange Rio II for £69.99 with a mandatory £10 top-up, or free on a range of 18 and 24-month pay monthly tariffs.

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blizzard7  Jun. 10, 2011 at 00:44

Sounded good on paper but the reevoo reviews are a bit worrying. What's the point of a QWERTY keypad if it's no good for texting on?

charliecupcake  Feb. 26, 2012 at 17:20

i would really like this phone,its fab can u plz give me some info on the phone, thanks cool phone, by the way and I would like the black one if it makes any difference.(thanks from Charlie)


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