Orange to offer Nokia Lumia 610 with NFC

Orange to offer Nokia Lumia 610 with NFCNokia and Orange have teamed up at the sixth annual Global NFC Applications Products & Services Congress (phew) to make a cheeky announcement.

Essentially, Orange will offer the Nokia Lumia 610 Windows Phone with support for Near Field Communication (NFC).

NFC allows you to do all sorts of magical stuff simply by tapping your phone against a tag or another NFC-enabled handset.

You can, for example, share photos, like stuff on Facebook, follow peeps on Twitter, and – of course – pay for junk.

The blurb on Nokia Conversations doesn’t specifically mention the UK, but Orange is no stranger to NFC o’er here, having already teamed up with Barclaycard.

The Lumia 610 was announced at Mobile Congress and will be Nokia’s eighth NFC-enabled smartphone. If it really is to be – as Nokia promises – “the most affordable smartphone in the Lumia range”, it’ll go for somewhere around £100. Eventually.

Check out this accompanying YouTube video from Nokia. Andrea’s accent is fantastic.

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SpeedyG  Apr. 11, 2012 at 19:34

Does its slightly older brother the Nokia 710 also have NFC? It's not a big enough deal-breaker or draw to get people interested enough atm, still in its infancy with it's sharing capability.


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