Orange San Francisco, £90 (incl free £10 airtime) @ Argos

Orange San Francisco, £90 (incl free £10 airtime) @ Argos[Yes, another San Fran deal, but it's £10 cheaper, man @ Argos]

The Orange San Francisco is an old favourite on the dealios scene. It's ideal as an Android starter phone and usually sits around the £100 mark. However, Argos is feeling generous and the usually-mandatory £10 top-up is now free. The Orange San Francisco with a tenner of credit is now £90.

Home delivery is not available, but you can reserve the Orange San Francisco online and collect it in-store.

Android 2.1 (Froyo), 3MP camera, FM radio... check out our Orange San Francisco specs page for full details.

(Thanks to tanujarneja123 on HUKD)

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djc118  Feb. 19, 2011 at 15:05

Sorry Mate, but that just isn't the case I noticed the deal and reserved it, went to pick it up last night..... I get to the till and the girl explains to me that you still have to buy the £10 voucher, and when you top it up to the phone orange add another £10 for free. At the checkout you still have to pay £99.99 basically.

She said the transaction would not accept on the till until the £10 voucher was scanned.

....... thgat is unless I've just been conned by a rogue cashier ?


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