Orange San Francisco, Orange PAYG, £90 (incl top-up) @ OneStopPhoneShop

Orange San Francisco, Orange PAYG, £90 (incl top-up) @ OneStopPhoneShop[A better San Fran deal for lazy gits @ OneStopPhoneShop]

The Orange San Francisco is fast becoming the king of the deal scene. Indeed, we posted a near-identical £90 deal from Argos less than a week ago. The difference here is: OneStopPhoneShop offers free home delivery.

With Argos, you have to reserve online then collect in-store. If you’re as lazy as me, that probably doesn’t sound very appealing.

The Orange San Francisco is £79.90, and must be topped up with £10 of Orange PAYG credit. Delivery is free.

To be fair to Argos, they have the phone in both black and white. The Orange San Francisco from OneStopPhoneShop is available in black only.

Check out our Orange San Francisco specs page.

(Thanks to andywedge on HUKD)

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deenewrick  Mar. 12, 2011 at 22:39

i love thi9s phone so much mum plzzz get it meeeee xx

arnoldaskacinskas  Mar. 18, 2011 at 10:57

Kiddo, on the box says "Not Suitable for Children Under 16"!


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