Orange and T-Mobile knock £100 off iPad price

Orange and T-Mobile knock £100 off iPad price

We've just had word that both T-Mobile and Orange have cut their up-front asking prices for Apple iPad contract deals by at least £100.

And that's good for two reasons: first, because cheap prices are better than expensive prices. And second, because it drops a seriously large hint that the new iPad 2 will be with us in not too long at all.

We've been expecting the iPad 2 to launch for a while now – the original was announced on January 27 last year, after all, and we all know how much Apple likes its 12-month release cycles.

But thus far the grapevine has been surprisingly quiet as to just when the new slate will appear, and just what is holding it up.

In the meantime, though, T-Mobile and Orange have taken matters into their own hands and cut the price of the Apple slab in an attempt to boost its appeal ahead of not only the iPad 2's arrival, but the arrival of all those clever Honeycomb slates we've seen shown off at CES and Mobile World Congress recently.

Orange now has the 16GB iPad costing £99 up front, then £25 per month for 24 months – a saving of £100 on the previous £199 asking price. The 32GB and 64GB have also had their up front costs slashed by £100.

New Orange customers don't have it quite as good, having to pay £27 per month for the same 24-month deal. But whereas before you needed to put down £229 up front to get your hands on one as an Orange first-timer, now you only have to pay the same £99 as existing customers.

T-Mobile has the exact same deals, but while existing customers get the £100 prepay discount, new customers don't and are stuck paying £229 as before. Maybe someone over at Everything Everywhere partner Orange should have a quiet word.

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