Organised ‘Candy Jam’ aims to stick it to for trademarking ‘candy’

Organised ‘Candy Jam’ aims to stick it to for trademarking ‘candy’If you thought blatantly ripping off existing games was audacious enough, spare a thought for developers who’ve dared to use the word “candy” in their offerings.

Having successfully trademarked the word in Europe, is aiming to do the same in the US, and resultantly the developer community has responded by producing loads of games with “candy” in the title in an organised Candy Jam.

Clearly is getting a tad big for its boots, having found a colossal amount of success with its Bejeweled clone Candy Crush Saga.

Ironically,’s borderline plagiarism doesn’t end there, with Pac-Avoid looking very much like Scamperghost, Bubble Witch Saga recalling Bust-a-Move, and Papa Pear Saga pretty much being Peggle.

But no, not content with its dodgy freemium riches, aims to stop other developers using the word “candy”, or – this is where it gets even crazier – “saga”. According to, The Banner Saga, a game about Vikings, is “deceptive”.

A post on the Candy Jam site says: “King clone games while making millions over it. King bullies smaller game devs. King use curious monetization tactics. King is disingenuous enough to say that ‘The banner Saga’, a game about vikings and well... sagas, is a ‘deceptive’ name. All of this screams unethical behaviour.”

So far we’ve seen well over 100 candy-related titles, including Confectionary Crush Adventure, Candy King – Cease and Desist, Candies Crush Saka, The Candy Apple Crusher Saga, and Candy Crush SEGA. Brilliant.

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