Original iPad now costs just £329

Original iPad now costs just £329Reading between the lines from last night's iPad 2 launch, it's clear Apple sacrificed the potential to add one or two hero features so it could get its new slate out the door on time, and not have to increase the price.

But if you're an Apple fan on a budget, there's even better news: the original iPad is still available, and getting on board the tablet bandwagon now costs as little as £329.

The iPad 2 will go on sale here in the UK from March 26, which is sooner than most of us were expecting to be honest. But as launch day fever took hold yesterday, indications were that it would be a clean switchover, with new replacing old in Apple's online store.

However, Apple has pleasantly surprised us all by keeping its original slate on sale, and with a nice £100 discount to boot. That means the basic 16GB Wi-Fi model now comes in at just £329, with the 32GB model costing £399 and the 64GB £479. Adding 3G to the picture costs an extra £100 in each case.

What isn't clear is whether the original iPad will still be sold once the iPad 2 is up to full production and on sale. Over in the US, where iPad lovers can get their hands on the new slate from next Friday, pre-orders are already underway, but dig a little deeper and the first-gen model is still available, $100 cheaper than before.

That suggests there will at least be some overlap, which is good news for anyone who has always fancied the iPad but wasn't willing to stump up the original asking price. That said, its thinner, lighter, more powerful successor may just prove too much of a temptation given that you won't have to pay any more for it than you had to for the old one just yesterday.

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