OVI Store apps downloaded 2.5 times as much as iOS apps

OVI Store apps downloaded 2.5 times as much as iOS appsTo be honest, we don’t have a spare €1,290 lying around to check out the full report, but a free synopsis of research2guidance’s Smartphone App Market Monitor Vol. 3 gives us some tasty stats to chew on.

The primary finding is this: seemingly apps on Nokia’s OVI Store are downloaded 160% more on average than their iOS counterparts. Intriguing.

Of course, that’s largely because of the sheer number of apps on the App Store, currently in the region of 400,000. Nokia’s Ovi store has around one tenth of that.

Somewhat surprisingly, there’s good news for apps on the Windows Phone Marketplace and RIM’s BlackBerry World too. Those apps receive 80% and 43% more attention than iOS apps respectively.

The Android Market is just a slither behind the App Store with -5%. However, right at the opposite end of the scale is HP’s App Catalog, where apps are downloaded -95% as much as those on the App Store. Oh dear.

The moral of the story? If you’re a developer, your app stands more chance of being noticed with one of the less popular operating systems. Er, as long as you pick the correct one.

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