Nokia's Ovi Store hits new high despite Symbian's troubles

Nokia's Ovi Store hits new high despite Symbian's troublesThere's nothing like a death knell to get us feeling nostalgic. Nokia may not be able to sell too many Symbian smartphones at the moment, but the Ovi Store continues to rumble along quite nicely, with Nokia reckoning 6.5 million apps are being downloaded from it every day.

The company says that's up by 1.5 million per day since April and it's putting it down to "increased demand for apps from the approximately 225-million strong Symbian customer base".

That user base is worldwide, which is what's more than likely keeping Symbian's figures, and those of the Ovi Store, propped up, since there's no doubt that in all the major developed markets Symbian's seriously on the slide.

Either way, it's still small fry compared to Apple, which earlier this month boasted of hitting 15 billion downloads since launching three years ago.

In all fairness, Apple users do have 500,000 apps to choose from compared to Ovi's not insignificant 50,000 or so. Android is up to way over 200,000 too and with Google's OS now the most-used smartphone platform in the world, that number will just keep on growing.

At least the Finns can boast that Ovi has more apps than the new kid on the OS block, Windows Phone Marketplace, which can only show off 30,000 on its shelves so far.

Then again, it's a bittersweet victory considering that Symbian is being phased out over the next few years as Nokia puts its weight behind Microsoft's platform as its primary OS.

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JanSt / MOD  Jul. 26, 2011 at 19:16

Not only do the Android and iOS markets have many more apps. One cannot overlook the fact that Symbian devices have many features embedded that other phone OS's can only deliver via 3rd party apps - how many iPhone workaround apps to compensate for the lack of mass-storage, flash-support, file management and editing etc etc... When your phone has more essential apps built-in, you're obviously less likely to search the appstores.... Also, a simple matter of choice: anyone totally nuts about apps will go for AndriOS, not for Symbian...


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