OxygenOS: OnePlus announces its own Android ROM

OxygenOS: OnePlus announces its own Android ROM

OnePlus sent out a cryptic teaser earlier this week in the form of a periodic table, leading many to suggest that we might be looking at a metal back cover for the “Flagship Killer” OnePlus One.

But nope, that couldn’t have been more wrong! We’re talking software, not hardware, specifically OnePlus’ own Android ROM, OxygenOS.

The OnePlus One, the start-up’s first phone, ships with CyanogenMod 11S, however we suspected the relationship wouldn’t last forever.

"I'm not sure our long-term visions are necessarily converging based on the conversations we've had,” revealed Cyanogen’s Steve Kondik earlier this month. “But we're still going to support the [OnePlus] One. We're still behind them for this device, with plans to ship (Lollipop) next month, and I have no idea what the future holds beyond that."

Well, now we know that the future holds OnePlus’ OxygenOS, described in this official blog post as “open, customizable, and free of bloat and unnecessary features.” Sounds good to us.

“Oxygen is all around us,” continues OnePlus. “It’s part of us and everything we do. It creates the water that carves out valleys and moves mountains. By itself, it’s simple and pure—a fundamental building block. But, as a part of something greater, it can do amazing things. Just like us.”

We’re promised more information on February 12, but it’s probably safe to assume the OnePlus 2 will ship with OxygenOS. In the meantime, have a gander at Best Chinese smartphones 2015.

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