PAC-CHOMP! Android review

PAC-CHOMP! Android reviewI figured I’d give ye olde iPad a rest and switch back to Android for this review, and in doing so cost myself a small fortune. See, PAC-CHOMP! is £2.49 for Android, but just £1.49 for iOS. Oh, the humanity!

Despite being a quid down, I’m quite happy with my investment. PAC-CHOMP! is really rather good.

EDIT: I should mention that PAC-CHOMP! is initially free from Google Play, with ads, and limited to the first five levels of the first game mode.

So what’s the script? Well, PAC-CHOMP! is a “match” game, a concept we’re all too familiar with in space year 2012AD. But wait! Even if – like me – you’ve had your fill of match games, PAC-CHOMP! is still worth checking out.

Keeping things interesting, PAC-CHOMP! has a neat spinny thingy, allowing you to rotate 5 x 5 sections of the 9 x 9 playing field. And why the hell would you want to do that? To help Pac-Man get to power-ups, of course.

PAC-CHOMP! boasts a healthy array of power-ups, including the Rainbow cross that eliminates all ghosts in a particular row and column, a Colour bomb that gets rid of ghosts of – you guessed it – a particular colour, and the Twister, which eliminates all ghosts in a 3x3 square.

Match four PAC-CHOMP! ghosts, and you get one of above. Match five, however, and you get a little gold coin, or “Power Pellet”. Consume the pellet, and you’ll open a traditional Pac-Man mini game, complete with fruit. Great stuff.

There are also four modes in PAC-CHOMP! – namely Normal, Hard Core (the clock runs down quicker), Scramble (you only have a minute), and Endless (removes the clock entirely).

Is it much cop? Well, yeah, with the obvious downside of having mostly seen it all before. In fact, I had pretty much finished taking review notes on PAC-CHOMP! after around 30 minutes of play.

Still, if you’re a fan of Pac-Man, you’ll probably want to check out PAC-CHOMP!


  • Various power-ups
  • Four game modes
  • Nice Pac-Man mini game


  • It’s bloody “match” again
  • Seen it all after 30 minutes
  • Relatively pricey

Summary: PAC-CHOMP! is a worthy addition to the “match” genre. Not much in the way of surprises, but it’s different enough to warrant a look.

Developer: Namco Bandai Games

Requires: Android 2.2 (FroYo) or above

Price: Free (£2.49 for the full game) @ Google Play

PAC-CHOMP! Android review

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