Panasonic tablet and smartphone coming to Mobile World Congress

Panasonic tablet and smartphone coming to Mobile World CongressYesterday, Martin scribbled a bit about Panasonic’s spanking new Eluga smartphone, and now we’re told to expect not one but two further devices from the Japanese manufacturer imminently.

According to Pocket-lint’s sources within the company, we’ll see a new smartphone and tablet from Panasonic at Mobile World Congress next week.

Apparently the unnamed smartphone will be “even more premium” than the Panasonic Eluga, with a front-facing camera, dual-core processor, and bigger-than-4.3in display adoptiong non-OLED Panasonic-designed technology.

The smartphone will also feature Panasonic’s Lumix camera tech, though exact megapixelage remains elusive at this stage.

Panasonic is no stranger to the Android tablet market, having cranked out a handful of Toughpads, however we’re told to expect something markedly different in Barcelona.

Again, exact specs are a mystery, but presumably the tablet will be sleeker and less rugged than those Toughpads.

Less than a week till Mobile World Congress, kids. We’ll find out more about the new Panasonic tablet and smartphone on Monday.

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JanSt / MOD  Feb. 21, 2012 at 12:39

No more tablets. Doesn't anyone read my memos?
I just played with a Honeycomb tab over the weekend. It sucks. Still.

Stelph  Feb. 21, 2012 at 12:57

JanST - If you think honeycomb sucks then youre using it wrong (:P ). fire up the right apps and its got some great usability IMO which ICS has built on, for example the youtube app, Moviebrowser, the sixaxis app (which can emulate touchscreen touches so games that dont normally support gamepads can work with a sixaxis controller)

JanSt / MOD  Feb. 21, 2012 at 13:08

What I don't like about Honeycombe (looks aside), is the chaotic, inconsistent placement of 'shortcuts', back- and home-buttons etc etc...
It's all very wasteful of screen estate. And honestly: I'm quite good at switching between OSs - using Linux, Mac, Windows on Desktops/laptops; and Symbian, iOS, Android, MeeGo, webOS etc etc etc... Honeycomb confuses me anew everytime I use it.

But okay, granted, some apps are definitely better now. There is progress. But my impression of HC is it was a rushed job. I do not think it would have become a hit, had someone released it as a 3rd party app UI/launcher...
But water under the bridge, I guess. With ICS coming?!


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