Panasonic tipped to launch rugged 'ToughPhone' at MWC 2014

Panasonic tipped to launch rugged 'ToughPhone' at MWC 2014Panasonic's foray into the world of Android smartphones a couple of years ago didn't go at all well, but the latest claims from Japan suggest it's about to have another go.

And it seems Panny's plan this time is to do what it probably should have done in the first place: produce a specialised rugged handset along the lines of its respected ToughBook laptop range.

Japan's Asahi (link in Japanese) says Panasonic's smartphone comeback will be led by a 5in handset developed entirely in-house.

It'll reportedly by shock-resistant, and will be geared specifically for tough environments like construction sites, though we don't get any specifics. We assume it'll be an Android handset, simply because it's the only thing that makes much sense.

What we are told is that Panasonic is already in talks with top construction companies in the US in the hope of lining up some partnerships.

Panasonic is expected to unveil its hard-nosed new smartphone at Mobile World Congress 2014, which kicks off in Barcelona on February 24.

While we can't say much based on such scant info, it does sound like a better idea to begin with than the ill-fated Eluga project, which coupled a terrible name with a vague notion that Panasonic's name alone would be enough to lift a middle-of-the-road generic Android handset above the countless others out there and make people want it.

It continues to amaze us that companies still keep thinking that'll actually work.

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Pondlife  Jan. 21, 2014 at 01:24

Well that was said to be shock and water resistant wasn't it?
Putting a flash on it this time would be a start.


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