Panasonic's Eluga breaks cover early

Panasonic's Eluga breaks cover earlyWe've known about Panasonic's plans to get into the mobile game in the West for a few months now, and the company has now gone official with the handset it'll be pinning its hopes on.

It's called the Eluga, and while we don't have the full specs just yet it seems rumours that were doing the rounds back in December were pretty much spot on.

Panasonic may be one of the big fish in the consumer electronics pond, but we have to say we don't envy anyone trying to make an impression on the mobile industry as it stands today.

Most of the success right now is being enjoyed by Apple and Samsung, and when you look at the strength of some of the companies that aren't succeeding, it's a brave move for anyone to dip a toe into those waters.

And let's just get this out the way – the name Eluga isn't doing Panasonic any favours here, is it? Let's just hope it's not a final name.

Its physical appearance is dominated by a 4.3in qHD 960 x 540 OLED display, and a curved rear that gives it a D-shaped cross-section.

We're also told that the Eluga is waterproof and dust-proof as per previous rumours, it will also have NFC on board and will be able to moonlight as a remote control for your Panasonic telly.

An official launch event is set to take place in Germany this week, so we'll be sure to update you with all the details once we have them.

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