Patent wars: waste of time?

Patent wars: waste of time?It’s been fairly quiet on the patent wars front of late, though there are still several battles raging here and there, and various appeals to be heard and what not. Sigh.

The Wall Street Journal has cast an eye over recent patent-related disputes, and suggests there’s little reward.

While some courtroom battles have yielded injunctions and/or damage payments, they’re quite often overturned on appeal. Or maybe a quick software update renders the initial complaint redundant.

It’s also pointed out that since some of the cases take months and months to resolve, the technology in question ceases to be relevant.

In addition, there’s an increasing propensity for judges to laugh cases out of court, or worse still suggest that patents are being abused. In one recent case between Apple and Motorola, the judge accused the pair of “obstreperous and cantankerous” conduct. Damn straight.

Having said all that, anonymous companies have “privately defended” the action, arguing: “Even wins that appear small, like knocking a product from the market for a month or forcing a company to disable even a minor feature, can yield significant advantages.”

If you say so, dudes. But you’re not winning yourself any fans.

via: WSJ

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JanSt / MOD  May. 10, 2013 at 18:49

Si, right - fair enough. But: where to draw the line?
No patents FULLSTOP? "Important" patents only - and who defines that?
Let'em eat each other :p
Here's what p*sses me off: drugs patents!
But I guess we shall discuss that on medbot - which I need to register now?!


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