PayPal blows its own trumpet

PayPal blows its own trumpetA couple of days ago we reported some interesting figures regarding mobile payments through PayPal, courtesy of an article over on The Wall Street Journal.

Not to be outdone, Laura Chambers, Senior Director of PayPal Mobile, has written her own little spiel about PayPal’s growing success in the world of mobile.

Laura writes: “We first predicted $1.5 billion in 2011 mobile payments volume. At our analyst day in February, we upped that to $2 billion and just a few months later, we have now added another billion to that number.

“We’re thrilled by this news, and by other numbers we’ve seen climb in the past few months. We’re now seeing up to $10 million in mobile TPV a day – a big increase from the $6 million we reported in March.”

Lady Chambers tells us that there are now an estimated eight million customers regularly making mobile payments through PayPal.

She concludes: “PayPal is simply about commerce – any time, anywhere, and any way that you want to do it.” Sounds good to me, ma’am.

via: PayPal Blog

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