PCMag leaks its Microsoft Surface RT Review

Some fair pros and cons given, although they get the pricing wrong.

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JanSt / MOD  Oct. 23, 2012 at 20:50

Ah, yes - proprietary charger port. Good idea.

On a serious note: I don't get how Office is the biggie on a 10 inch tab. Keyboard or not.
If you need to use Office to it's fulles windowesque power, you need a bigger screen and a mouse. I shall call this setup a 'desktop' - might catch on, right? If you work on a 10 inch slab, pages or Polaris or or or or or will do the trick. Also "full Office"? Business user need to buy an additional license. So, no checking your work email.
That aside. Great. A device utterly NOT made for me. No financial strain, no buyers guilt. 9/10.


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