Pebble blue Samsung Galaxy S III makes its way to Vietnam

Pebble blue Samsung Galaxy S III makes its way to VietnamA high-profile product launch wouldn’t be the same without some sort of blunder. We’ve had antennagate, roasting hot iPads with “4G”, the white iPhone 4 fiasco… waitaminute, those were all Apple.

Not to be outdone, Samsung’s Galaxy S III dropped this week, and the pebble blue edition appears to have stage fright. However, a trickle of units has popped up in – of all places – Vietnam.

According to Vietnamese site Sohoa, the pebble blue Samsung Galaxy S III is now available from a number of shops in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

A Google translation reveals: “Although up to 2/6 is the date announced Samsung started selling genuine Galaxy S III in Vietnam but today, 30/5, a number of shops were in HCM City and Hanoi have started the machine and make market.

“Besides there are early, something quite unexpected Galaxy S III is a blue version also began appearing on the market along with the white.”

There were suggestions that the back of the pebble blue Samsung Galaxy S III suffered some kind of manufacturing fault, but the Vietnamese units appear to be a-ok.

Have you managed to get your hands on a pebble blue Samsung Galaxy S III? Hit us up with a comment, man.

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