How do people get hundreds of thousands of followers on twitter?

How do some people get hundreds of thousand of followers on twitter? As far as I can tell they are just normal people tweeting inane "inspirational" rubbish :p

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JanSt / MOD  Oct. 11, 2014 at 16:08

True... celebs aside, all 30,000 plussers are just churning out links to news, or inspirational stuff or they 'steal' tweets/photos from others. They usually don't engage, have no original thought and generally suck at Twitter and, probably, life, too.
It seems a lot of people like that o_O - when Mandela died, I posted 'inspirational' Mandela quotes. NOBODY noticed that they were, in fact, Hitler quotes. I got a lot of 'so true <3' comments... Go figure :p
Also: c'mon... I currently have an account with just shy of 2,000 followers. In the past I had one with 4,500. It's becoming work. Unless you just ignore 99.99% of all people it's impossible. A job.
Something to manage rather than enjoy. I usually kill my account at some point and start fresh.
My current account will die at 2,000.


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