A phablet that's good value for money

Are there any good phablets around the £200 mark?

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JanSt / MOD  Feb. 10, 2014 at 14:13

A 2nd hand Galaxy Note/Note 2... Else, buy a cheap tablet...

matt101101 / MOD  Feb. 10, 2014 at 14:43

Note 2? It's still easily fast enough to get the job done (and will be for a few years yet) but nowadays can be picked up 2nd hand for around your budget.

spruceyb  Feb. 10, 2014 at 19:07

Depends what's important to you.

The Asus Fonepad is around £150 from Carphone Warehouse or the HSN (Very, ISME, Woolworths).
It's Intel based and runs pretty well, offering up some good battery life too.
It lacks a rear camera though and at 7" it's too big for some.

Huawei Ascend Mate
£200 from Expansys http://www.expansys.com/huawei-ascend-mate-black-249799/
6.1" 720p Display. Quadcore but the Hi-Silicon K3V2 isn't great. Has a massive battery so gets good standby/talktime but anything with screen-on won't last much longer than a normal device because of screen size & the HSK3V2 waste a lot of energy in heat.

If neither of those are your thing then there are plenty of china phones around £200 even found this one located in the UK
but if you import direct from China you can get a lot more features for your money.


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