Phicomm ready to join cheap Chinese Windows Phone army

Phicomm ready to join cheap Chinese Windows Phone army

Windows Phone is clearly interested in wizzing on Android’s entry level chips, and joining the growing number of Chinese OEMs interested in giving it a hand is a new name, Phicomm.

Well it’s new to me to be honest, and it’s certainly new to Windows Phone, but apparently it’s currently in talks with Microsoft with the aim of joining fellow Chinese phone makers Huawei and ZTE in the low-cost WP brigade.

So says German site PhoneSeven, reporting from the CeBIT tech event in Hannover. Phicomm Europe exec Martin Klinger is said to have revealed that both tablets and smartphones are in the pipelines, the former we’d assume being lined up to run Windows RT not Windows Phone 8.

It’s too early to speculate any further than that, and needless to say any kind of end product won’t be appearing anytime soon – if it appears here in the UK at all. Far too often we hear about ultra-low cost handsets only to be told they’re only heading to “developing markets”.

The reality is that loads of people would snap up low-cost entry-level smartphones if they were offered here and elsewhere in the “developed” world. Just because we won’t starve to death if we have to pay more for our handsets doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be offered the alternative.

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mightyforest  Mar. 11, 2013 at 16:54

anything to build up interest is good


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