Just one phone to launch at BlackBerry World

Just one phone to launch at BlackBerry WorldBlackBerry's product plans for the year are pretty much out of the bag thanks to a variety of leaks over the first few months of the year.

Yet we can't help being a little surprised that the annual RIM love-in that goes by the name of BlackBerry World could come and go with just a single handset being announced.

BlackBerry World takes place in Florida over three days starting on May 3. Yet despite RIM having as many as six major new products pencilled in to arrive between June and September, BGR says a pair of independent sources have confirmed that the only new face BlackBerry has actually lined up for its own event is the BlackBerry Bold Touch, a.k.a. the Dakota.

We're inclined to believe the rumours, too, considering it's BGR that has dished up pretty much all of the BlackBerry-related leaks that have surfaced this year.

The site claims this is a “last minute change”, though we're not told what the original plans were, or what forced the change.

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