Phones 4u calls it a day as EE and Vodafone abandon ship

Phones 4u calls it a day as EE and Vodafone abandon shipWe were only just coming to terms with the death of the iPod classic, and now we’ve another bereavement in the mobile family.

High street mobile retailer Phones 4u has reluctantly thrown in the towel, having been unexpectedly abandoned by the last two of the Big Four, namely EE and Vodafone.

The news means the immediate closure of 550 stores across the country, and the loss of up to 5,596 jobs. Staff have been asked to attend work as normal this morning, and they’ll “continue to be paid” for now, but it doesn’t look good.

The “We are offline” holding page at explains: “Following the unexpected decision of EE and Vodafone to withdraw supply from Phones4U, we regret that we are offline.”

The message is signed off by “The heartbroken Phones4u Team”, complete with a sad smiley.

A further statement reads: “The unexpected decisions by both Vodafone and EE have come as a complete shock to the business. The company is in a healthy state and both EE and Vodafone had, until very recently, consistently indicated that they saw Phones 4u as a long-term strategic partner."

Phones 4u promises that existing contracts will be unaffected, while in-progress orders will be refunded post haste.

A further statement is expected later today, and administrators will ultimately decide if reopening stores is a viable option, but given that the retailer has now been abandoned by all four major UK mobile networks, it seems unlikely.

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an1  Sep. 15, 2014 at 18:42

Not sorry to see them go. Terrible customer service. Pushy sales people.

an1  Sep. 15, 2014 at 18:45

They can make use of their skills by becoming chuggers.

harlequin1963  Sep. 15, 2014 at 23:07

Not sorry to see them go. Terrible customer service. Pushy sales people.

Found exactly the opposite when i bought my Note 3 , no pushing , and customer service better than the local EE shop.

matt101101 / MOD  Sep. 16, 2014 at 00:23

I think I've only ever been in one Phones4U when I wanted to see how a phone as big as the Note 2 felt in hand. The guy I spoke to was very polite and offered me, with very little persuasion, what would have been a perfectly reasonable 24 month contract, if that was how I wanted to buy my phone (it wasn't).

I guess with places like Phones4U, it very much depends on which specific member of staff you speak to as to how you feel about the company as a whole. It only takes one a*shole member of staff to ruin your opinion of the company as a whole.

As for the one member of Phones4U staff I've ever spoken to, if the guy still works there, I wish him all the best in finding a new job as he was very pleasant to deal with. I honestly felt a bit bad that he was being so helpful when I had zero interest in buying the phone from them (it was much cheaper to import it from Germany)...


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