What new phones are coming out later in the year?

Seems like there haven't been any new phone announcements in ages! Now all the dual core ones are here (HTC Sensation, Samsung Galaxy S II, Motorola Atrix, LG Optimus 2X) ... what's next?

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JanSt / MOD  Jun. 8, 2011 at 17:05

Gee, I can't even remember all the Android devices still to come.
Then there's the next iPhone.
The webOS HP Pre 3 with it's new OS and 1.5 ghz processor.
Nokia have X7 and E6 lined up - both featuring 'Anna'. There's the MeeGo N9/N950 possibly. And Nokia hinted at further Symbians for 2011 with GHz+ processors.
I assume there are also wp7 devices to come - only, I don't care until Mango is actually released, tested and working. Of all corps in the world I trust MS least (well, Blackwater/Xe is somewhere up there ;) )
So, you're right - reallly nothing new coming. Just more of the same.


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