Pixeet fisheye lens and app produce 360 panoramas

Pixeet fisheye lens and app produce 360 panoramasPixeet has released an app and fisheye lens dealio for the iPhone, which ultimately produces sweet 360-degree spherical panoramas.

It comes with a “stylish” case (there's one for the iPhone 3, another for the iPhone 4), which the lens clips onto using Pixeet’s “patented magnetic system”.

The lens can capture 180-degree panoramas in one shot, or you can stitch together four pics to make full 360 degree panoramas. You can also share your shots on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, among others.

Pixeet promises that BlackBerry and Android versions are “coming soon”.

For €49.90, you can grab the silicone case for your iPhone 3 or 4, along with the fisheye lens, a lens cover, and a pouch and security strap. If you already have a fisheye lens, you can download the Pixeet app for free from the App Store.

Check out this example. Impressive stuff.

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