Play more Android games using a PS3 controller

Play more Android games using a PS3 controllerTo regular readers, this topic should sound familar – we've previously shown you how to use a PS3 controller to play Android games. As a quick refresher, many smartphone games rely on on-screen buttons, which is a bit problematic since touching the screen invariably obscures the view. As such, modders have found a way to map those emulated buttons to the Sixaxis controller of Sony's PlayStation 3.

But wait... mapping... that sounds pretty complicated, right? In fact, it is, because for this mod to work, you have to create a special profile for every game, since every game has a different button layout. So, to keep your gaming needs satisfied, here's an update that adds three more games to the supported list.

In addition to GTA III, Asphalt 6, Modern Combat 3, Real Football 2011, and Real Reacing 2, you can now enjoy Shadowgun, Street Fighter 4 HD and Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 with a real hardware controller. Here's how:

First, download Sixaxis Controller from the Android Market. After setting it up following this tutorial, import those special profiles for each game – here are the downloads for Shadowgun and for Street Fighter and Pro Evolution Soccer, respectively – and you're done.

For more information, refer to our previous article and the thread on xda-developers.

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Stelph  Feb. 24, 2012 at 07:34

Ah great thanks! Was going to get a ps3 controller today to try this out On my tablet and this is a big help :)

Combine this with HDMI out on a tablet and you've got your very own console


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