Playing music through a phone's speaker, what's the best?

Are there any phones that have an especially good speaker for listening to phones without headphones (as I sometimes do when washing the dishes!).

I've read that the HTC One M8 has BoomSound, and the LG G3 is supposed to be quite good too.

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JanSt / MOD  Aug. 6, 2014 at 18:45

I haven't heard the LG G3, but the HTC One M7 and M8 are quite impressive.
Mind you - an old iPod with £10 laptop speakers sounds better and is louder.

spruceyb  Aug. 6, 2014 at 19:37

HTC straight up the best because it has an amp & stereo front facing speakers.
LG G3 is pretty good.

Although probably just get a Bluetooth speaker? I have a little round one, less than £10 from China, or check out Near Field Audio, no need to pair to the speaker


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