PlayStation Store open for Sony Tablet S owners

PlayStation Store open for Sony Tablet S ownersIt's always nice when a manufacturer keeps a promise.

So we're chuffed to bits to see that Sony Tablet S owners are going to start getting classic PlayStation games as of today via the PlayStation Store - just like Sony said they would.

After all, the promise of some old-school gaming action was one of the bigger selling points of the Honeycomb device, and one of the few features that set it apart from the rest of the Android tablet rank and file out there.

As of now the following PS1 titles are available for download, with prices starting at under £4 apiece: Cool Boarders, Destruction Derby, Hot Shots Golf 2, Jet Moto 1 and 2, Jumping Flash, MediEvil, Motor Toon Grand Prix, Rally Cross and Wild Arms.

Admittedly, the bigger titles we all know and love aren't there yet, but we'll give Sony the benefit of the doubt for now: it is after all early days.

The yet-to-launch Tablet P should also theoretically work with the PlayStation Store, though we're not entirely sure if its design will be as suited to gaming as the all-in-one Tablet S. Whilst dual screens may seem an obvious benefit, controlling it could be tricky when you have to hold the thing as well.

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JanSt / MOD  Oct. 20, 2011 at 21:07

2 days before the iPad and all dual-core Androids get GTA III Sony announces those lamoid titles? Whoa... Pfft


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