Pocket Climber iOS review

Pocket Climber iOS reviewOh dear, Pondillicus will not be happy with this one. So I’m scanning the App Store looking for games to review, and I come across a little something riding high under free apps called Pocket Climber.

‘Climbing, huh?’ I think naively. At least that’ll be worlds apart from those cyclical running games like Temple Run, Agent Dash, Angry Gran Run, Super Penguins… Right? Ahem.

See, while the perspective takes us below our protagonist instead of behind, we are dealing with much the same thing. Essentially, the aim of the game in Pocket Climber is to survive for as long as possible, avoiding hazards and collecting coins.

Pocket Climber’s hazards include angry residents, determined to make our hero fall to his death by opening windows and throwing various objects. There are also gaps in the building’s structure demanding perfectly timed jumps, a King Kong-style gorilla, and spinning log thingies.

As for the coins, they can be used to enhance an array of Pocket Climber power-ups. You all know the drill by now. We have a magnet for sucking in coins, a helmet granting invincibility, a larger and more valuable coin, a jetpack that lets you leap ahead a good chunk, a one-off head start, and so on.

Pocket Climber iOS reviewNeedless to say, Pocket Climber always welcomes GBP when it comes to buying power-ups, should you be that way inclined (i.e. massively lazy).

And that, in ye olde nutshell, is Pocket Climber for iOS.

Gripes? Well, the obvious one is that it’s not massively original in terms of gameplay or power-ups. I could’ve reviewed Pocket Climber after five minutes, having experienced almost everything on offer.

And it suffers from the usual problem of getting caught in the loop of collecting coins to invest in power-ups to help you climb higher and collect even more coins to invest in power-ups to help you climb even higher… before you start wondering why you’re even bothering.

Having said that, Pocket Climber is pretty freakin’ enjoyable. It looks great, and it has a nicely implemented floor system that makes it clear when you’re expected to jump or swipe, instead of guessing. Challenging but fair.

All in all, Pocket Climber is probably my favourite such game behind Temple Run, hence the coveted review space you see before you. And hey, it’s bloomin’ free. Like these kinda games? Check it out.


  • Looks good
  • Not too heavy on the freemium stuff
  • Well-implemented floor system


  • It’s more of the same, really
  • Uninspired power-ups
  • Ads (not too imposing, to be fair)

Summary: Pocket Climber doesn’t offer anything new when it comes to cyclical survival games with the coins and the what have you, but it’s very well put together.

Developer: PunchBox Studios

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Price: free @ App Store

Pocket Climber iOS review

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JanSt / MOD  Nov. 22, 2012 at 17:48

It was okay... For a free app. Still think Cyberruner beats all these games - though it lacks the coin collecting feature.


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