Podcast reveals more juicy Windows Phone Mango details

Podcast reveals more juicy Windows Phone Mango detailsA new Windows Phone Dev Podcast, appropriately titled “More Mango Madness”, has revealed more about what we can expect from Windows Phone 7.5.

The Mango update will bring a host of fairly major changes, including enhanced multitasking and Internet Explorer 9, but there are tons of little things to look forward to as well.

As discussed in the aforementioned podcast, the Messages Hub will have integration for both Windows Live Messenger and Facebook Chat, meaning you can instantly see a list of online chums.

There’ll also be support for Microsoft Office 365, and SkyDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage system. Apparently the latter is one of the most requested services by WP7 users.

The Games Hub will receive an overhaul, making it look more like the familiar Xbox 360 dashboard. As the guys discussed, Xbox Live integration is something Microsoft has yet to really take advantage of.

Group Messaging, as the title implies, allows you to set up groups of contacts, such as Family, and send texts or emails to them.

Finally, the lock screen will show Now Playing Artist Art.

Head over to Windows Phone Dev Podcast to listen to the full show. There’s also a few screenshots of the new features. Nice.

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