Poor reception for BlackBerry PlayBook

Poor reception for BlackBerry PlayBookRIM launched its BlackBerry PlayBook on Thursday evening at a swank do in New York, however the glitz and glamour couldn’t distract from the fact that the BlackBerry PlayBook has received largely negative reviews.

The general feeling seems to be that the BlackBerry PlayBook has been rushed out. The hardware side of things gets a thumbs up, but the software is lacking. The latter is something that RIM seems keen to address. Indeed, even this week RIM has pushed out several fairly significant updates.

Incredibly, there’s one key feature missing from the BlackBerry PlayBook. New York Times' David Pogue observes: "RIM has just shipped a BlackBerry product that cannot do email. It must be skating season in hell."

It is possible to use email, but - for now - only if you already have a BlackBerry smartphone. The Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg says: “I can't recommend the PlayBook over a fully standalone tablet, except possibly for folks whose BlackBerrys never leave their sides.”

The feedback hasn’t been entirely negative though. The BlackBerry PlayBook has been commended for its ability to play a movie through a TV, for example, while leaving its own screen open to perform other tasks. It’s also fully Flash compatible.

BGR said: “The PlayBook is a very solid product, from the hardware to brand new operating system, I love where RIM is going,” but added: “The hardware is there but the software is buggy at times, and the apps are severely lacking and almost non-existent in terms of quality.

“While the Web browser is extremely solid, with no native email or calendar or contact apps, the PlayBook isn’t a very good standalone product.”

Engadget concurred, saying: “We have hardware that looks and feels great but isn't being fully served by the software.”

RIM is expected to bring the BlackBerry PlayBook up to scratch with a further series of software updates, so it should be a significantly more attractive prospect by the time it hits these shores. Whenever that may be.

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