PopCap 'looking at' making mobile games based on major EA franchises

PopCap 'looking at' making mobile games based on major EA franchisesPopCap Games' new-found position as an EA acquisition grants them access to EA's extensive back catalogue of major franchises as well as their major publishing clout. It appears that the two companies are currently "looking at" ways that they can synergise and "work together going forward."

Plants vs Reapers, anyone?

PopCap PR manager Meriem Djazouli let the matter slip in a recent interview with us at EA's Winter Showcase.

We are absolutely looking at synergies and where we can work together going forward but no projects have been announced.

Apparently a number of producers from different EA games are excited about the potential ideas, but that any projects are purely in the theoretical and brainstorming stages.

You can imagine that people from EA have been at the showcase for the last two days, and producers from different games have been saying "oh my God, it would be so fun if you could do this and do that." Obviously, I'm a gamer myself, and when I play games I think that it would be awesome if we could mix this title with that title. But we're definitely not there yet. No Mass Effect or Battlefield with Zombies!

It's early days yet for the fledgling partnership, but there's plenty of room for improvement when it comes to EA's mobile and social tie-ins (Dead Space iOS aside). With PopCap on board, we're looking forward to seeing whether more AAA releases will be prefaced or accompanied by addictive iOS side projects that tie into the main game.

Stay tuned for the full interview over the weekend.

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