PopCap: 'nothing has changed' since EA acquisition

PopCap: 'nothing has changed' since EA acquisitionLet's face it: many mobile gamers are a bit worried that PopCap will lose their creative freedom under their new EA management. After all, the major publisher does have past form.

However, a PopCap representative has told us that "nothing has changed" since the merger earlier this year, and that it would be "stupid" of them to do so. So that's alright then.

PopCap PR Manager Meriem Djazouli told us that there was a "bit of concern" about the acquisition at when it was first announced, but that "nothing has changed" over the last few months.

Apparently EA is keen to allow the developers as much creative freedom as possible, and are only getting involved in the logistical side of things.

For the moment, nothing has changed. To be honest, there was a bit of concern at the very beginning, which people can understand. We saw fans being concerned as well. But EA knows that if you buy a company that's very successful, you'd better not change certain things, especially our creativity and the way we make our games.

Basically, EA brings a lot to us that isn't to do with creating games - anything that's marketing, PR, localisation and organisation. EA is a big machine that can really help us. For the moment, everybody keeps doing their own thing.

Popcorn Dragon will be the first PopCap title to be published under the new partnership, and we'll have a full hands-on preview for your delectation next week. Stay tuned for our full interview over the weekend!

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