Possibly March 7 for iPad 3 launch

Possibly March 7 for iPad 3 launchMost rumourmongers concur on the imminent iPad 3’s specs, based on various anonymous tips from the shadows, but one thing no one’s quite sure of is the date.

But waitaminute… now we’ve got a distinct possibility courtesy of iMore, a firmly reputable site with a good track record when it comes to these things. How does March 7 sound?

iMore cites “sources who have been reliable in the past”. The iGuys point out that Wednesday is a traditional day for Apple events, and March 7 ties in with recent first-week-in-March rumblings.

We recently heard that there are doubts about the iPad 3 having a quad-core CPU, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for balls-out super-fast A6 action.

The 2048x1536 resolution has been written about endlessly, so much so that the world will surely implode if it fails to materialise. That’s not quite Retina, but it’s reportedly enough to make the iPad 3’s display look like printed material.

If March 7 is indeed correct, that’s just a few days after Mobile World Congress, so we’ll have plenty of goodies to ponder before Q1 is out.

Apple typically goes for a quick launch-release, so the iPad 3 could be on shelves by the middle of March. Excited? I think I might just be.

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