Post Office embraces contactless payments

Post Office embraces contactless paymentsDepending who you ask, contactless payments via NFC (Near Field Communication) are either the Future of Everything, allowing you to toss your antique leather wallet in the bin, or – on the other hand – overhyped nonsense.

The Post Office clearly subscribes to the former notion, as it’s set to install contactless payment terminals in 11,500 branches, covering some 30,000 registers – or “tills”, if you prefer – in total.

The rollout begins on June 6, and is scheduled for completion before the end of October. Interestingly, Post Office will become the biggest user of contactless payment technology in Europe.

"Contactless will bring huge benefits to our customers by increasing choice and reducing transaction times," whispered Lesley Sewell, chief information officer at ye olde Post Office.

You’ll be able to pay for up to £20-worth of stamps or shipping or whatever when the contactless technology hits your local Post Office.

In semi-related news, Martin was scribbling yesterday about a new contactless payment scheme from PayPal, now available at Coast, Oasis and Warehouse. It sounds rubbish, quite frankly.

via: The Guardian

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