Are less powerful phones ok for browsing?

Is a phone like the Motorola Moto G or cheaper Nokia Lumia ok for browsing? I won't be doing anything too intensive like playing games.

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JanSt / MOD  Nov. 27, 2014 at 15:33

The Moto G has plenty of power. Nothing you cannot do with it except, maybe, take great photos. It's good for browsing.
Lumias are good too. Believe it or not: mobile Internet Explorer is an excellent browser.
Only the Blackberry 10 browser is faster and better. Mobile IE, even on a cheap Lumia 520 handles FULL websites with speed and ease. UC Browser is a good 3rd party browser for WP.
Ideal on crappy connections. If you don't mind that the Chinese Government keeps track of you :p ;)
For browsing in general, I would choose a Lumia. Try accessing the full, proper Twitter or FB site from Android... When it comes to web video watching the Moto G has the edge, though.
On the other hand: WP8.x has great 3rd party apps to download web video and music.


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