Processor market to be 2 billion-strong by 2016

Processor market to be 2 billion-strong by 2016If there's any game to be involved in right now, it's the mobile processor game. That's because an incredible 2 billion processors are expected to ship into the market by the year 2016.

That's according to analyst firm Jon Peddie Research (JPR), and while that's a hell of a lot of chips, the surprising part is that only just over a third of that demand is expected to come from smartphones.

It's a brave move making predictions so far into the future, but JPR seems confident in the info it's getting from its mobile crystal ball.

The firm says that 2 billion figure will break down into 750 million smartphones, 869 million feature phones – yes, more feature phones than smartphones – as well as 300 million tablets, 100 million e-book readers and 91 million games consoles.

JPR says it's confident the various devices will be able to co-exist, as they each offer something different in terms of size, function and price. By 2016 they'll all be online all the time, naturally, and 3D displays and cameras will be the norm.

Roll on the future, we say.

Via Tom's Hardware

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