Project Ara modules to get their own Google Play-style marketplace

Project Ara modules to get their own Google Play-style marketplaceI touched on Project Ara the other day in What’s next for Apple, Samsung and Google. Yes, Big G has just launched the next generation of Nexus hardware alongside Android Lollipop 5.0, but there’s still plenty going on at Google HQ.

The story here is that Project Ara components will be given their own marketplace when Google’s modular phone thing happens next year.

That’s the word on a rather lengthy YouTube video (Purdue Presidential Lecture Series: Paul Eremenko), with the relevant quote skilfully extracted by Android Central.

Eremenko, incidentally, is the head of Project Ara, just one facet of Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group. He used to work for DARPA, too, as did ATAP leader Regina Elvira Dugan.

For those unfamiliar with Project Ara, the idea is that consumers can build their own phone from a selection of components, so you can choose how much RAM you want, how many megapixels, what size of display… A bit like Moto Maker, but deeper.

“By following the Android model, we are creating a free and open platform,” begins Eremenko. “The Ara MDK is free and open and available to everybody, so everybody could create a module per the specifications of the developer's kit and put it in the Ara module marketplace, which is analogous to the Google Play store, and sell directly to consumers.”

Project Ara looks set to become a reality in early 2015ish, but it remains to be seen what kind of support it’ll have – both consumer and manufacturer.

In the meantime, check out Five things you should know about Project Ara.

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