How to pronounce Xiaomi, by Hugo Barra

How to pronounce Xiaomi, by Hugo BarraAs Chinese manufacturers become more popular in the west, consumers often struggle to understand the correct pronunciation of their names. Huawei, for example, is nothing like Hawaii; it’s actually pronounced “wah-way”.

It’s probably a good idea to learn how to say Xiaomi, too, it being a top 5 global smartphone player. Over to you, Hugo Barra.

As we’ve mentioned a few times recently, former Google guy Hugo Barra currently serves as Xiaomi’s VP of international, and he being Brazilian, he’s arguably in the perfect position to explain the pronunciation to us idiots in the west.

Obviously it’s quite hard to convey in black and white (check out Hugo Barra teaches us to pronounce Xiaomi on YouTube), but we’re told to think of it as “Show me the money”, but pronouncing the “show” as we would in “shower”. Got it? XIAOMI THE MONEY!

Xiaomi made headlines in Q3 last year, becoming the world’s number three global smartphone manufacturer in terms of shipments behind only Apple and Samsung, despite focusing exclusively on China and the surrounding territories.

The Chinese manufacturer has accounted for two of the sexiest smartphones this year in the Xiaomi Mi Note and Mi Note Pro, but Barra says it’ll be “years” before they make an assault on the west.

In the meantime, check out Seven things you should know about Xiaomi, and Best Chinese smartphones 2015.

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