Pumpkins vs. Monsters Android review

Pumpkins vs. Monsters Android reviewEmma, is it ok if I simply write: “See Egg vs. Chicken iPhone review” and go play in the sun? No?

Ok, so Pumpkins vs. Monsters is very, very, very like Egg vs. Chicken. But which came first: the Pumpkin or the Egg? Ach, who cares? They’re both pretty good.

I’ll assume you’ve never played Egg vs. Chicken before and start from scratch. Actually, maybe I’ll let the developer, RunnerGames Studios, set the scene:

“In the darkness midnight, the monsters revived. They are gonging to invade people's home .The world will not peace anymore. 
But our people are still in their sweet dream, no one knows the dangerous.

“At this time, the pumpkin hero appeared, they work together to protect people's house, use they bodies to attack the monsters.”

Nicely put, RunnerGames. Incidentally, the sooner “gonging” becomes widely used, the better. For example: man, I’m gonging for a Big Mac.

So, in Pumpkins vs. Monsters, the top portion of the screen is dedicated to Plants vs. Zombies-style action, where monsters approach in waves with different characteristics; some are faster and some require more hits to destroy. Familiar territory.

Meanwhile, the bottom of the screen hosts match three-esque goodness. Before you can launch pumpkins at the monsters, you have to slide 'em around and line up at least three – in any old formation you like.

To mix things up, there are different colours of pumpkin. Otherwise it’d be dead easy and a bit boring like. Also, different pumpkins are more effective against different enemies; hot vs. cold and what have you.

Between levels, you can invest in items such as shields to repair your defenses and dynamite to explode things. You can also upgrade the pumpkins. It’s a neat touch and adds incentive to use combos (awesome combos yield gold coins).

And that’s about all there is to it. I initially thought it seemed really convoluted when I browsed through the tutorial, but it’s all very intuitive.

Oh, I should mention: Pumpkins vs. Monsters is free for Android (with ads, natch) or 69p for iOS. It should be of particular interest to Android peeps, in the absence of Plants vs. Zombies (and Egg vs. Chicken for that matter).


  • Six worlds = 90 levels
  • Big bosses
  • Upgrades


  • Borrows quite heavily from Plants vs. Zombies

Summary: As a freebie, Pumpkins vs. Monsters is a no-brainer for Android owners. It’s really freakin’ good. It should also appeal to iOS peeps looking for more Plants vs. Zombies-style action.

Developer: RunnerGames Studios

Requires: Android 1.6 or above

Price: free @ Android Market, 69p @ App Store

Pumpkins vs. Monsters Android review

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