Purported iPad 5 front snapshot leaked, looks like an iPad mini

Purported iPad 5 front snapshot leaked, looks like an iPad miniGiven that we’re now well into April, you’d perhaps be forgiven for bawling: “Where the hell’s the new iPad?” from the top of a skyscraper whilst naked.

Well, according to this latest photo-based leak, the iPad 5 is definitely somewhere in production, and as we’ve been told before, it is – for better or worse – more in line with the iPad mini.

French site NEW (nowhereelse) credits “our moles Chinese” for what appears to be one of the first shots of the front of the iPad 5 or "fifth gen iPad" (or whatever you want to call it).

We’re looking at a significantly reduced bezel at the sides of the purported iPad 5 display, very much echoing the design of the iPad mini.

Personally, I’m not overly enamoured with this whole let’s-make-it-thinner-and-lighter business, but that appears to be the way the iPad 5 is going.

As for an iPad 5 launch date, well, that’s still very much up in the air. Traditionally we’d expect a new iPad around March (give or take), but Apple threw a spanner in the works last October when it launched the iPad 4 and iPad mini.

And while we wouldn't normally expect new iPhones and iPads to arrive around the same time, the iPad 4 and iPad mini came just weeks after the iPhone 5. Might we see the iPhone 5S and iPad 5 in June? It's anyone's guess.

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krogothnx  Apr. 11, 2013 at 00:13

Or just a normal iPad mini front held by one of foxconn's child workers

(Obviously less likely, but it is foxconn)


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