Puzzle Family Android review

Puzzle Family Android reviewQuestion: What could be better than one match three game? If you answered: “Several match three games,” well, you’re onto something, kid, but you’re not quite there.

See, Puzzle Family offers four match games, alongside four puzzle games that politely ask to be filed under 'Bizarre'. It’s actually very good.

With eight games in total, it’s probably easiest just to scribble a little about each. Ready?

Flick and Fly: slide blocks across the screen to make groups of three or more.

Hide and Seek: a match game where each of the pieces has not one but two colours, and can be rotated as desired.

Shanghai Pop: tap to rid the playing area of matching pairs of blocks before they hit the top of the screen.

Tap on time: essentially an old-school whack-a-mole game, wherein you’re tasked with tapping tiles as they light up in a 3x4 grid.

Boing Boing: a bit like “Flick and Fly”, ‘cept you launch the little pieces from the bottom of the screen as the bunch at the top slowly descends.

Puzzle Family Android review

Copy copycat: one of the more bizarre games, “Copy copycat” asks you to “Follow the mission”. There’s a little mission grid on the left, and the aim is to make the main grid look the same (in terms of colours) with a series of taps. I’m not even sure I fully understand this one.

Who’s next?: quite possibly my favourite, “Who’s next?” is perhaps best described as three games of Solitaire in one. You have yellow, blue and pink slots at the top, and you have to fire up the numbered animals in numerical order as they scroll along the bottom. Nothing like Solitaire at all then, but it’s really good.

Order the order: back to match three for this one. There’s a target group at the top (say cup-cup-watermelon) and you have to find the matching group within the playing area.

Each game is limited to the first 10 levels initially, but you can unlock them with the in-game star currency if you fancy playing on and attacking your high score.

Needless to say, each game also boasts its own assortment of power-ups to keep things interesting.

And that about sums up Puzzle Family. Eight games for 0p? I’m sold.


  • Eight games in one
  • It’s free!
  • Nice and bright


  • Four of the games are basically match three
  • Earning stars is a slow process
  • Uhm... ads after each game

Summary: Puzzle Family offers eight puzzle games for free, and they’re mostly pretty good.

Developer: Com2uS

Price: free @ Google Play (and App Store)

Requirements (Android): Android 2.1 (Eclair) or above.

Requirements (iOS): Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.2 or later.

Puzzle Family Android review

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Puzer  May. 28, 2014 at 21:07

Cool game. Also the LapsoBOX with jumping puzzles is great. Wow!


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