Quad-core Android 4.0-toting Meizu MX confirmed for May 2012

Quad-core Android 4.0-toting Meizu MX confirmed for May 2012The Meizu MX name has been linked with some quad-core mobile goodness for a few months now, but now the company's CEO has confirmed some concrete details surrounding the elusive handset.

The first-gen Meizu MX may have launched recently as only a dual-core device, but the quad-core edition is coming, and it'll be bringing Android Ice Cream Sandwich underpinnings with it when it arrives in May 2012.

That's the word from Meizu CEO J Wong, who has revealed in the official company forum that the second version of the Meizu MX will come with the quad-core Exynos processor we were hoping to see when the original was announced back in September, most likely the Exynos 4412 chip that's also been linked to the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

As for the OS, the fact that Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is in the works wouldn't be much of a big deal if we were talking about any other device. But the Meizu UI as seen on the first-gen MX handset is essentially a developer UI that was built almost entirely as a labour of love before being given a final lick of paint and pressed into service on the Meizu MX, and so hopes are that the Android 4.0-based version will be equally well liked.

We'll have to wait and see, and even if the quad-core Meizu MX does see the light of day in May, it's hardly going to be gracing the shelves of Carphone Warehouse or anything.

In the meantime, though, anyone who has given the Meizu UI a spin should feel free to let us know what the rest of the Android unwashed are missing out on...

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