Qualcomm changes processor naming strategy; says goodbye to Snapdragon

Qualcomm changes processor naming strategy; says goodbye to SnapdragonAs far as names go, it doesn't get snappier than 'Snapdragon', right? Well, Qualcomm doesn't agree, as it's just announced a whole new naming convention for its mobile processor range.

From now on, instead of typing out Snapdragon, we'll have the far easier job of typing S1. Or S2, S3 or S4, as it happens, depending on the speed of the processor we're talking about.

It's been quite the week for newly simplified naming conventions. First we have Nokia ditching that whole confusing number and letter combo to go with just the numbers, and now this.

According to Qualcomm the aim of the rebranding exercise is to make it easier for consumers to understand just which processor is inside their piece of kit. So the S1 chip, for instance, will be a single-core proccessor inside entry-level smartphones, while the S4 processor will be the forthcoming quad-core chip being lined up to launch in the next few months or so.

For added understandable-ness, Qualcomm won't shift the goalposts down the line, either. So an S1 processor today will still have the same criteria as an S1 chip a year from now, with future speed increments bringing in new model names – S5, S6 and so on.

So there you have it. If the whole Snapdragon name and those confusing speeds are too much for you, now you'll have a nice simple name to call your mobile processor – let's just hope you don't confuse it with Sony's Android tablets.

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