Qualcomm talks Galaxy S6, but don’t say the S-word

Qualcomm talks Galaxy S6, but don’t say the S-wordWe recently heard that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 won’t feature in “a large customer's flagship device”, and while the Californians didn’t mention anyone by name, we all knew it was Samsung and the Galaxy S6.

Qualcomm has spoken out about the developments, stressing that its business relationships are ongoing, and not defined by one single device. Note: don’t say Samsung Galaxy S6 (it’s clearly the Galaxy S6).

The speech bubbles come from Qualcomm’s Vice President of Marketing, Tim McDonough, in an exclusive interview with Trusted Reviews.

“We don’t win every handset design with every OEM and that’s normal for us,” explains Tim. “If you take a big customer, we might have nine devices running in parallel. If they’ve got 10 and we’ve got nine because we’ve lost one, you still have a very deep relationship and you are still mutually invested in each other’s success.”

So why, then, did Samsung choose to go – as widely rumoured, but obviously not confirmed just yet – exclusively Exynos with the imminent Galaxy S6?

Again, without mentioning any phones in particular (SAMSUNG GALAXY S6, MAYBE?), Tim says: “If you miss the timing window for a particular handset or the timing window for a particular customer, or you take too long going from geography to geography rolling it out, that can be a make or break thing for them.”

It’s interesting that Tim doesn’t specifically touch on the much-discussed Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 overheating rumours.

For what it’s worth, LG claims the overheating rumours are nonsense, while a press release was fired out confirming 2015 Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 flagships from Microsoft, Motorola, Sony and Oppo.

Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S6 launch is set for Sunday, March 1 – just 11 days from now!

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