Qualcomm unveils next gen processors

Qualcomm unveils next gen processorsQualcomm has chosen its Innovation Qualcomm event in Istanbul to lift the lid on its next generation of processors. No prizes for guessing that things are about to get just a little bit faster. Oh yes.

The majority of modern smartphones – including the likes of the HTC Sensation and BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 – use Qualcomm’s processors, and future phones will be able to offer higher speeds, along with improved graphics and connectivity.

We recently heard about Qualcomm’s new naming strategy, but the highest class, S4, is the one we all want to hear about, right?

Well, S4 Class will offer up to 2.5GHz single, dual or quad-core, with a dual/quad Adreno next gen GPU. Wowsers. For the Yanks, LTE connectivity will be standard.

But Qualcomm’s CEO, Paul Jacobs, points out that it’s not just about the numbers: “It’s not about how many cores or how many gigabytes, it’s how well you can optimise the system.”

The new processors are expected to hit the market in early 2012, so we’re hoping to see quad-core brutes on display at CES and Mobile World Congress, if not before.

via: Pocket-lint

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