Quarrel Deluxe Review: Risky Word Game!

Quarrel Deluxe Review: Risky Word Game!

As I mentioned back in my Werdle review, I'm a big fan of word games. I got an email from Quarrel asking if I wanted to give Quarrel Deluxe a blast, and I immediately accepted. Think of a colourful mixture of Scrabble, Risk and a jumbo bag of Skittles, you've got Quarrel Deluxe.

Quick breakdown of the game: Quarrel is a single-player game, it's solo baby. There's a bright segmented game map, with coloured squares allocated to you and your competing word-bots. You have quick matches against your brainy opponents, competing for control of the game squares. The matches consist of trying to solve a tricky anagram, by getting more points than your opponent. If you win all the squares, you win the game! Elementary, my dear Mobotniks.

Not so elementary is the dictionary though. I'd like to think I am well read, but Quarrel really was throwing the book at me. With such words as wendigos, widgeons, fimbriae, pomwater, tumbrels, causerie, it was not always easy to solve the 8 letter anagrams.

But some words made me chuckle:

Quarrel Deluxe Review: Risky Word Game!

Having only heard of but never actually played Risk, the strategy element of Quarrel Deluxe was a bit harder to grasp, but it didn't take long to get the hang of it. The more the game was played, the more it became apparent that sometimes it was beneficial to quit your turn, rather than attacking and thinning out your forces.  At first, I was just attacking and attacking, but I happened to lose more than I won. Patience, it seems, is not one of my strong points... such a pericombobulation.

The bots in Quarrel are crafted well - there are various characters to compete against, each with varying levels of difficulty and crazy haircuts. From the daftness of Dwayne, to the cunning of Kali, there are a total of 9 characters against which you are randomly competing. You'd think a single player game against bots would be pretty monotonous, but it's not. Each character has strengths and weaknesses which make for really interesting gameplay. For example, Kali might know all the words in the dictionary, but she's not very good at the strategising. Quarrel has really succeeded here and the replayability possibilities are endless... though I do have a hankering to play against someone real. Hopefully, Indiagames will be adding this feature into a future version of Quarrel.

There are lots of little bits and bobs in Quarrel Deluxe that add to the gameplay making it even more fun than just the Risk-Scrabble aspect. Winning treasure means that points build up in your meter and you can play them for extra little men throughout the game. You can capture prisoners when you play a match with an opponent with more letters. When 2 bots are challenging each other, you can try and solve the anagram to gain yourself bonus men. If you go on a spree of winning a few squares in a row, you get extra men for "trail-blazing." There are a few little touches like this which keep the game flowing better than the luscious locks of a Pantene shampoo model.

Quarrel Deluxe is so pretty! It's prettier than a pretty pink baby in a pretty baby competition. The game is laced with carefully crafted game backgrounds, bold colours, cute animations, and overlaid with a nice but slightly annoying soundtrack.  Quarrel almost looks like a board game, which is probably one of the reasons I like it so much. I am a board game fiend, it's well known in my family circle. :)

Quarrel is not the sort of game you can just pick up for a quick 2 minute gaming session, oh no, but don't be anispeptic! It's DEEP. My longest match to date lasted about an hour long. But I didn't even notice the time passing, or my baby's stinky bum, or my other half begging for dinner. When playing, you can easily put your iPad in standby and pick up the game at a later time, but it's just so more-ish.

Regarding the price point: while £2.99 might seem quite high for a little game like this, it is really good quality with excellent gameplay and worth the money. There are so many word games out there in the app store, but Quarrel is one of the best. BUY IT. Contrafibularities to Quarrel, on making such a sweet game.Quarrel Deluxe Review: Risky Word Game!


  • Sweet graphics
  • Fun gameplay
  • Addictive


  • Games can be lengthy
  • Single player only
  • Addictive

Summary: Quarrel is one of the best word games in the app store. Fun.

Developer: Indiagames Limited

Requirements: Requires iOS 4.0 or later

Price: £2.99 @ iTunes

Quarrel Deluxe Review: Risky Word Game!

Quarrel Deluxe Review: Risky Word Game!

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JanSt / MOD  Sep. 8, 2011 at 17:21

Sounds interesting - although the colours look as if the Samsung Touchwiz designers had a X-Mas party...

lcurdie / MOD  Sep. 8, 2011 at 21:38

I genuinely thought you were going to say: "Having only heard of but never actually played the clitoris..."

JanSt / MOD  Sep. 8, 2011 at 22:09

Good Lord, LC - #strike for uncalled-for biology expertise :p

MDrX  Feb. 6, 2012 at 10:08

I grabbed this at 69p (thank Mr Lester) and it's great. Well worth the 69p but £2.99? Not so sure.

I seem to be at the point where the AI players are either far too easy or far too good they're basically cheats, so I find myself going back to Words With Friends and Scramble just to get back the satisfaction of punishing mistakes that any human could make.

There's also a small gap in play: There is often the situation where you have a quick look at the available letters and if there's only a couple of tiles worth more than 1 point you just have to use them to guarantee victory (as long as you have more men, defeat if not!). I like the strategy aspect but this hole where play is almost pointless is an unfortunate side effect.


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