Quechua Phone joins the rugged smartphone crowd, backed by Archos

Quechua Phone joins the rugged smartphone crowd, backed by ArchosIf you've heard of Quechua, chances are it's because of its tents – you know, the ones that take six seconds to put up, and about half an hour to take down again.

Well, the outdoor gear specialist has decided now's the time to branch out, and it's decided to team up with Archos to produce its very first smartphone.

The Quechua Phone – nice, sensible name there – is unsurprisingly a ruggedised smartphone, coming with IP54 certification, which offers dust and water protection. All told it claims to offer protection against rain, snow, sand, mud, cold, snow and the occasional drop.

It has the expected rubberised chassis, but isn't quite as tough looking as your average JCB or Sonim handset, so if you like your rugged gadgets without chunky corners and black and yellow patterns, this should be more your bag.

You're not left straggling on the technology side of things, either, with a roomy 5in screen backed by a quad-core 1.2GHz Qualcomm processor, 1GB of RAM, 4GB of expandable memory, a 5MP camera and a mighty 3500mAh battery, which is allegedly good for 22 hours of talk time.

What you don't get is 4G, but strictly speaking if you're living the hard-man dream you'll probably be using it well out of 4G reception area anyway.

The Quechua Phone will go on sale in France (Archos' home turf) on Thursday, where it'll cost €230 (£190) – not too bad a price for a ruggedised phone. We're not sure if/when it'll be launched officially in the UK, though if it isn't it'll no doubt be tough enough to swim the Channel on its own.

Via TechRadar

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