QWERTY keyboard + Android 4.0 = Samsung Galaxy Chat

QWERTY keyboard + Android 4.0 = Samsung Galaxy Chat

The problem with cliches is they're just like London buses. Or something.

So instead of another take on the whole “Samsung is trying to fill the universe with Galaxys” line, we'll just play it straight: Samsung has officially announced the full-QWERTY Samsung Chat, the latest addition to the surprisingly small band of Android devices offering a physical keyboard.

And when we say Android, we mean Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich – a fact that sadly still warrants a mention despite ICS being nearly nine months old now.

Given its name and the presence of a full keyboard, the Galaxy Chat is obviously aimed directly at nimble-fingered chat addicts, and you get a physical launch button for Samsung's pre-loaded ChatON messaging app to help you along.

As for the rest of the hardware spec, it's the usual mix of modest smartphone trinkets that seems to be your only option on QWERTY devices for some reason. The display size is limited for obvious reasons, but Sammy could surely have done better than a 3in 240 x 320 effort. Similarly, a 2-megapixel camera is painfully low-end these days.

After that, the presence of 4GB of internal storage actually comes as a pleasant surprise, and as per usual if you top it up via the microSD card slot you'll have enough storage space to snap poor-quality pics all day long.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are present and correct, and the 1200mAh battery should be more than plenty to keep the Galaxy Chat chugging along for a decent stretch of time between charges.

Samsung is obviously aiming for the entry-level smartphone market here, and while there's no info yet on price, we're assuming the Galaxy Chat will be one of the cheapest Android handsets around when it arrives on UK shores.

As for when that'll be, Samsung says Spain will be first in line for some Galaxy Chat goodness later this month, with other markets to follow, so August is looking like a safe bet.

Via Samsung Tomorrow

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AhmadCentral  Jul. 5, 2012 at 10:11

I'd still buy the Motorola Pro + over this.

Samsung have got the design right but the specs are still bad. Motorola still do the best designed and spec'd Qwerty devices.

JanSt / MOD  Jul. 5, 2012 at 10:22

Looks good, but yes... Ahmad's right...specs are sucky! Why do Android handset makers think a QWERTY bar doesn't deserve a good screen? Even trolls will eventually admit that a Nokia E6 or Bold 9900 looks rather nice - BECAUSE of the screen!


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